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Everyone knows smoking cigarettes is bad for you. If you’re looking to kick the habit, but you’re not ready to go cold turkey, The Fredonia Vapor Company has a solution for you! With electronic cigarettes or e-cigs, you’re still getting the feeling of a cigarette without the toxins and harmful effects. It’s the perfect alternative to smoking. Even better, there are a ton of e-juice flavors to choose from. Our e-liquid store has everything you need to get started, including accessories. We have two locations, one in Fredonia, NY & one in Auburndale, FL.

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Electronic Cigarettes Jamestown, NY

Since 2013, The Fredonia Vapor Company has been providing the people of Fredonia, NY; Auburndale, FL; and the surrounding areas with e-juice, e-cigarettes, and more. 

E-Cigarettes Fredonia, NY
From electronic cigarettes and starter packs to chargers, batteries, and more, we have everything you need to complete your vaping experience. 
E-Liquids Fredonia, NY
We have tons of different e-liquids to choose from, from traditional cigarette flavors to fun flavor combinations. Stop in to see our selection, and don’t forget to try before you buy.
E-Liquids Jamestown, NY
Stop by to try flavors before you buy them!
Electronic Cigarettes Jamestown, NY
E-Liquid Store Dunkirk, NY

Stop into our e-cig and e-liquid store today!

If you’ve had trouble quitting smoking before, replace your habit with e-cigs. The Fredonia Vapor Company has everything you need to get started! We have the e-cigs themselves, e-juice, and tons of accessories. Whether you’re a veteran e-cig user or you’re just starting, our friendly and helpful staff is here to assist you. Stop in one of our two shops today – in Fredonia, NY or Auburndale, FL – to get all your vaping supplies.
Call our Fredonia, NY Location | 716-940-1009
Call our Auburndale, FL location | 863-875-4801
Electronic Cigarettes Dunkirk, NY

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